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We have a wide range of reliable local networks, and professionals in each field will support you.
From the first visit to the establishment and life of the company, it is possible to complete it consistently with only our support.
We are developing services that are useful not only for companies but also for individuals living in Vietnam.
We value the connection between people, and we will be close to our customers’ new creations and worries every day.
We welcome you even if you have a question about “What is Vietnam?”
Please feel free to contact us.

Our Services

Business introduction

Real estate

If you are looking for a condominium / serviced apartment / office / store, please leave it to us. In order to make your stay comfortable, we will propose the most suitable property for you. We will guide you with no brokerage fee.

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We support the establishment of local corporations, representative offices, industrial parks, rental factories, offices, and stores. An increasing number of companies are entering the market where consumption can be expected is increasing.

Factory construction / Office interior

First-class architects, and Vietnamese staff who are familiar with the local situation are enrolled by a general construction company. Under thorough management by Japanese people, with safe and secure quality and outstanding cost performance.


Procurement support

If you are procuring in Vietnam, there are many reliable cooperating companies, so please contact us. Metal products, woodwork products, plastic products, apparel, medical products, printed matter, etc.

Business matching

We will support those who need a relationship with Vietnam. Find a partner with a company in Vietnam , connect with people who are involved in work. We will listen to your needs and propose the best partner.

Inspection Vietnam Accompanying/Agency

When considering expanding into Vietnam, we recommend that you visit the site in advance according to your purpose. You can get information and feelings that cannot be collected on the Internet. There are many cases where even a slight difference in perception can make a big difference.

Legal / labor Tax / accounting

We provide advice on Vietnamese labor law, corporate law, and tax law. We will add business licenses, conduct preliminary surveys, perform labor such as creating labor contracts, M & A procedures, and create joint venture contracts. Please feel free to contact us for accounting and taxation, bookkeeping, etc.

Car sales

Regardless of whether it is a new car or a used car, we will also support the introduction of drivers and contracts for parking lots. Please contact us for both company cars and private cars.

Employment Agency

We will mainly introduce foreign language personnel, those who have studied abroad / working experience, interpreters / translators, general affairs / accounting, MD, QC, manager experience, etc. We also have abundant human resources for other professionals.

Interpretation and translation

Experienced staff who are also involved in legal affairs are available. Interpreter: Tourism and business interpreter Translation: Japanese, English, Vietnamese, etc. of contracts with Vietnamese companies

Visa and Work Permit Agency

We are consulting you and your family’s work permit (work permit) and temporary residence permit (temporary residence card) on your behalf. The cost will vary depending on the conditions of the applicant, so we will ask for details and submit a formal quotation.

Event planning and production

We will respond to a wide range of needs such as planning and implementation of promotion work mainly in Vietnam and human support. We can plan and manage all events online and offline.

Website Development

Website subscription. We handle everything from creating websites that utilize selling templates to developing them. It is easy to connect even in Vietnam, and it is designed to be light, so you can connect without stress. We will create a clean design without waste and take SEO measures into consideration.

Waste disposal

We accept purchase of valuable industrial waste, confidential document disposal service, proper treatment of ordinary and hazardous industrial waste, satellite management service, and intermediate treatment of waste.

Benefits service

In Vietnamese companies, there are many issues of welfare that employees place importance on. Apart from legal benefit, some companies have non-statutory benefits. We have a welfare plan for such companies.

Contact Us

We look forward to your inquiry. Please feel free to contact us for anything. Our corporate philosophy is to value ties.

Our Services





Recruitment of people who have knowledge or are interested in consulting and real estate Please contact me.


Partnership agreement


We are looking for business partners who can cooperate in each business of the solutions we provide. For inquiries, please use the inquiry form. Our staff will contact you.